Trigger Delay potential issue with 5244A

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Trigger Delay potential issue with 5244A

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SDK (32 bits). on Win7 PC
Pico 5244A scope
Using Labview examples.

Scope setup:
Channel A : 10V range
Sampling: 250MS/s
# samples: ~ 2000
# pre-triggered: ~ 200
Rapid Bulk Acquisition as per examples.
# triggers to acquire: 100
Auto_trigger_ms = 10ms

I am sending a square wave (5V) onto channel A. The square wave is repeated every 2ms. So far so good.
Then I remove my signal to check the behavior when the trigger is no longer present. I was expecting the device to still acquire 100 times, (since I asked for 100 triggers), but with a delay of 10ms each time. So returning in about 1000ms. (that it how it used to behave with series 4000 scopes) . This is not happening. The delay happens only once, then all 100 data sets are returned. I checked this by increasing the auto_trigger_ms to 5000ms, and I see that the scope returns in ~ 5000ms... Has something changed to this effect in the series 5000 drivers?

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Re: Trigger Delay potential issue with 5244A

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Hi Laurent,

I've created a support ticket for you so one of my colleagues will be in touch about this.


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