Multiple data logger with one software

Which product is right for your exact requirements
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Multiple data logger with one software

Post by Steflibreville » Tue Sep 19, 2017 3:14 pm

Dear all,
My project is about to record information on energie center.
I need to record Temperature, current, voltage and sun.
Temperature: I plan to use the TC-08 with 8 thermo K sensor,
AC voltage need 3 AC phases up to 260Vac each
AC current need current clamp for AC up to 100A
DC voltage need up to 60Vdc
DC current need current clamp for DC up to 200A
Light intensity Need light sensor according solar pannel wavelength

The sensors will be in the same site, max 5meters from the logger. except for the light sensor, of course which will outsite (around 10m of cable).
All sensors will be connected to their adapted datalogger. One machine, PC, will be dedicated to collect all information. The PC will be able to connect all USB datalogger together.
I need all information collected on the same file due to have the same time reference.

Is someone able to help me to choose the AC and DC data logger and light sensor?
Is the software able to control all datalogger ?

Thank you for your help.

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Re: Multiple data logger with one software

Post by Gerry » Fri Sep 22, 2017 11:25 am

Hi Steflibreville,

As it is an energy centre I'm assuming that the 3-phase voltages will be classified as CAT II or above, according to the latest IEC 61010-031 standard (or your equivalent national product safety
standard, which may have a different prefix in place of the “IEC”). In this case you will need to use Active Differential Probes (see here: ... ope-probes) to be able to capture them safely. Active Diff Probes can connect to a BNC connector on a PicoScope case, so the connection mechanism is relatively safe and secure. Our Data Loggers don't have BNC connectors, and most of them require a Terminal Board for connection to the data logger inputs (which has exposed connections).

To be able to have all of the data in one file you need to use PicoLog for all of the Data Acquisition. This means that you would need a Data Acquisition device that provides a safe and secure connection, allows interfacing to be configured in software (doesn't require a terminal board to do it) and can be controlled by our data logging PicoLog software. So your only option would be to use 2 PicoScope 2204A's or 2205A's (see here: ... 0-overview).

A suitable light detector for the solar cells will typically have a very low level output, and as you will also be driving this over 10m of cable length you will need a sensor that provides amplification to the output of the detector in order to have a measurable signal level above any noise level, or you will need to add a low noise, instrumentation amplifier to the detector in order to make the signal measurable. (The exception to this would be where the sensor output level is between 50-100mV and can be sent to the remaining channel of the 2000 series PicoScope, set to a input range of +/-50mV with minimal added noise.). Unfortunately, I wouldn't be able to advise you on the choice of light sensor as that is very specific to your application requirements (which you know more about than I do).

For the remaining measurements you can use a PicoLog 1000 series Data Logger (see here: ... hannel-daq), (especially if you could be adding more sesnor measurements) or you could use another 2204A or 2205A (if the light sensor is being captured on the free channel of one of the other PicoScopes).


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