Questions on Keyboard Shortcuts, and possible bug.

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Questions on Keyboard Shortcuts, and possible bug.

Post by KenArton » Fri Sep 15, 2017 11:36 am


I am using Picoscope model 2205 MSO with software Ver

I'm an old fashioned engineer, and want to make my Picoscope resemble
a traditional stand-alone 'scope, with knobs and buttons to control
the main functions (vertical range, timebase, trigger level, etc, etc.)
rather than using the mouse. So I have built a simple control panel with
rotary encoders and push buttons to do this. It works by emulating a keyboard,
i.e. each rotary encoder or button sends one or several characters, and the
picoscope keyboard shortcuts are set up to interpret these as required.
This works very well. However, could be better if the following were addressed:

1. Key shortcuts do not work when Stopped (eg in Single Mode)
The key actions only happen when Run is initiated.
This is a big drawback for ruler adjustments, as I often want to make
ruler measurements on a waveform captured in Single mode.

2. In Persistence mode, all the keyboard shortcuts work except for those
that move the rulers, The rulers can be adjusted with the mouse, but
not with keyboard shortcut. Also, if I try to move rulers using keys
and then return to Scope mode it sometimes crashes. I suspect there
might be a software bug here.

3. One function I would like to control via the panel is Horizontal Pan,
but it does not appear in the keyboard shortcuts list so cannot have
a key assigned to it. Is there some reason for this omission?

4. More generally, if it were possible to assign running of Macros to keys
then I would be able to put many other useful function onto my control
panel. I have asked this question before, and the answer was that
you have no plans for this in future software revisions. I wonder if
there is some other way I could achieve this?

Any comments on the above?
Many thanks, Ken.

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Re: Questions on Keyboard Shortcuts, and possible bug.

Post by Martyn » Tue Sep 26, 2017 10:25 am

Unfortunately the situation still remains the same, there are no plans to add additional functionality to the keyboard shortcuts that would allow a fuller implementation of a standalone control box.

For any of the crash situations it would be helpful if you could send in the trace.xml file so that we can see the underlying cause. Please email these to
Technical Support Manager

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