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Unable to open device on ADC 11

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Unable to open device on ADC 11

Postby Altior » Fri Jan 19, 2007 11:33 am


We're currently experiencing troubles using the fonction

ok = adc11_open_unit (port, product);

in your example called "adc11con.c"

I'm using a ADC 11/12 on LPT1 since a couple of months perfectly with your picolog and piscoscope softwares and wanted to see how your example works before starting the development of my application.

The error message is :
"Opening the device...
Unable to open device
ADC11/22 Driver V2.8"

OF course we tried to lunch Picolog and Picoscope software BEFORE and AFTER (but not at the same time ^^) and they worked perfectly (starting, reading the signal and recording it).

The Dev kit is Dev C+5 beta 9.2 and of course the " ADC11w.h" and "ADC11ms.lib" are included in the project.

Could you please help me finding a solution?
Thanks in advance,


Unable to open device on ADC 11

Postby Altior » Fri Jan 19, 2007 1:14 pm

Me again,

Another information to guide you to the solution: I tried the macro example in Excel and everything is working well there...

Can someone find an explanation for our troubles in dev C+?
Thanks in advance,


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