Picoscope6 w/ PicoScope 6403: Trigger on SENT?

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Picoscope6 w/ PicoScope 6403: Trigger on SENT?

Post by HolgerNeumann » Wed Sep 13, 2017 9:09 am

Hello, i am using a 6403 Picoscope for SENT sensor evaluation.
Right now The triggers are limited to analog functions.
Is there an update planned for PicoScope6 software so i could trigger on
- Start of SENT fast channel message
- Start of SENT slow channel cycle
- Occurrence of slow channel (e.g. trigger on ID01)
- Masking FC1/FC2, e.g. "trigger if FC2 <= 2000"
- Masking slow channel (e.g. "ID01 not equal 0")
- CRC error on slow or fast channel
Currently i am using "PicoScope® 6 - PC Oscilloscope software version:".
Are features like above planned for future releases?

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Re: Picoscope6 w/ PicoScope 6403: Trigger on SENT?

Post by Hitesh » Thu Sep 14, 2017 12:36 pm

Hi HolgerNeumann,

This feature is not presently in the software as the trigger event occurs based on the samples collected by the device. I have added your comment to an existing feature request.


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