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I have written a little program for accessing the frequency generator on a picoscope2206a in C using libps2000a
on a raspberry PI. It worked nicely for quite a while. Now I have the effect that it comes back with an error
code PICO_FPGA_FAIL (78 decimal, 4E hex) every so often. Is the device broken?

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When a PicoScope is plugged into a USB bus, it has a simple USB stack which runs and identifies itself as a simple Pico device. When you call open unit the libps2000a will download code into the FPGA and cause the device to restart and re identify itself on the USB bus as a fully functioning PicoScope

FPGA fail usually indicates that errors have occurred with the loading of the firmware, and often this can be due to borderline powering of the device over the USB. It may be that your Pi is not always able to provide sufficient power when starting the PicoScope.

This error should be recoverable by unplugging and re plugging the PicoScope, and then restarting your program.
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