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Postby ChaosNMayhem » Thu Aug 10, 2017 1:18 am

I've been working on cars 20+ years and seen the technology get more and more advanced. I see the need for scopes and own a Modis Ultra myself. I know it has scope capabilities. Sadly, when I go for something I usually go all in. Modis wont do this or that, and Pico will. I don't think I need the most expensive Pico, but dont wanna buy the bargain one only to have to update later, 4 channel or what not. My question is with all the options, what is a damn good starter set? I don't necessarily need vacuum and pressure gauges right now, but if I like this as much as I think I will I will have them in a couple months to a year. If you kinda following what I'm saying, I don't wanna have to come back and buy another scope, or another so forth and so on. I wanna kinda buy what I need to start and get my feet wet, then be able to add in the future. Would love to hear any advice and thank you for your responses in advance.
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Re: Here We Go...

Postby Martyn » Thu Aug 10, 2017 5:47 am

Firstly the Automotive Forum is where all the automotive customers hang out, and the Auto Website is where you will find all the relevant products and information.

Our recommendation, so you get the right device first time, would be the PicoScope 4425 chosing the level of kit that will give you the extras you need. Ask on the auto forum, I am sure you will get the same advice.

Please note that NONE of the Test and Measurement scopes, the ones on this site, will work with the Automotive and Diagnostic software. They don't have the same level of input protection as the auto scopes, so likely to end up broken quickly.
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