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one .pssetting for different devices

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one .pssetting for different devices

Postby username » Thu Jul 20, 2017 12:57 pm

Hello knowers,

i tried to search for my problem, but it´s quite different to differ .pssettings from settings. I´d be glad to just get a link if someone is a better seeker. :)

To the problem:
I have one saved settings-file ".pssettings" with a specific mask and i want to use it with different devices. Is it possible to "deactivate" the device-specific infos in the ".pssettings"-file.

example of the Problem: (parts are translated into english)
I buildt a Mask with a Pico 3204B and PicoScope SW 6.12.9. Then saved it in "test.pssettings"
after that i changed device and put a 2204A on the PC. After loading "test.pssettings" there came a blue pop-up:

"the just opened setting was recorded with another device
device in file: PicoScope 3204B
attached device: PicoScope 2204A

standard settings are used"

I want this not to pop up, please.
is there something i can do?

Thanks in advance
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Re: one .pssetting for different devices

Postby Hitesh » Wed Jul 26, 2017 7:50 am

Hi ME,

The pop-up is a new feature added in PicoScope 6.12 and is there to provide information such as when the power state has changed for the scope where flexible power options are available or in the case of the PicoScope 4444, a probe state has changed.

There are certain features that are available for some devices and not for others e.g. a low pass filter via the channel settings pop-ups.

I will put in a feature request to allow the User to specify if they wish to see these messages, and the Development Team will then review this.


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Re: one .pssetting for different devices

Postby username » Wed Jul 26, 2017 1:39 pm

Hello Hitesh,

thank you for your reply!

Unfortunately i think i missed the right explanation for my problem.

I want to set this "Don´t do pop-ups"-feature in the settings of Picoscope. So that there will be no more pop-ups, if someone opens this settings with another Hardware or Pico-SW.

Sth like a tick-box in the Settings like " Allow Pop-Ups", but it should be saved with the ".pssettings".

Just for explaining: We want to let users use our predefined masks for picoscope. They should not change the mask or sth. Its for Checking the same signal in different places all over the country. They shall be able to use different Pico Hard- and Software.
The pop-ups may just cause uncertainty.

Thanks alot for replying. I hope i can point out my problem good enough. I really try my best to do so. It´s difficult.

Thanks again,
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