PicoScope 3403D + Delphi

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PicoScope 3403D + Delphi

Post by Doc_CZ » Thu Jul 20, 2017 10:48 am


I got task to prepare communication object for PicoScope 3403D for Delphi IDE. So I started with marshalling of ps3000a.dll. So far I got prepared header and simple object, which offers at the time only loading of proc-address for all available function together. Actually is supportes calling of very first required function from that DLL openUnit (ps3000aOpenUnit).

First problems I have faced were installation of drivers. On my native OS (MS Windows 7 64b) has installation always failed. I can see PicoScope 3000 series PC Oscilloscope device in HW manager, but there is Code 52, which says device drives are untrusted. So, I have to use it via Virtual PC XP Mode (Windows XP 32b in Virtual PC). There I have successfully installed device drivers.

First trial was about to open communication session between my software and PicoScope. If I try it on my native OS, I got return value 0x03 PICO_NOT_FOUND (No Pico Technology device could be found.) from ps3000aOpenUnit function, which is OK, because device it not installed.

Second trial is about doing the same from XP Mode. There I got return value 0x3F PICO_NOT_USED (The function is not available.) from ps3000aOpenUnit.

I assume, it makes no sence to try anything else unless I got connection established. returned handle is always -1.

I have installed PicoSDK_32_10.6.12.41.exe and I used drivers from that installation (for both Windows 7 and XP Mode). I got just ps3000a.dll and picoipp.dll libraries located at the same folder as my software.

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Re: PicoScope 3403D + Delphi

Post by Hitesh » Fri Jul 21, 2017 8:59 am

Hi Doc_CZ,

Did you install the PicoSDK using Administrator privileges?

On the Windows 7 OS, try navigating to the C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\SDK\sys\x64 folder and run the DPInst.exe with Administrator privileges (uninstall the device from the device manager first).

For Windows XP, you may need to use the previous version of the PicoSDK.

Hope this helps,

Software Dev. Engineer

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