Matlab Triggering Event

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Matlab Triggering Event

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I'm trying to acquire a signal by using PICO 6000 technology. My goal is to observe which one of the 4 sensor detects as first the external disturb I generate. I used one of the samples I downloaded (Block_Example) and I modified the number of channel to 4. I want to acquire the signal when the treshold occurs, but when I run the Matlab script I don't acquire the signal at the same time istant; I acquire the signal when each one of them reach the treshold. In this way I can't obtain any difference in time domain. How can I do?
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Re: Matlab Triggering Event

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Just to confirm are you looking to trigger when any one of the trigger conditions on each of the channels becomes true?

If so, then it sounds like you need to set up an OR trigger on the oscilloscopes inputs which requires the advanced trigger functionality. The Instrument Driver does not currently feature advanced trigger functions but there is a workaround which we can advise you on if you could please e-mail

Please ensure that you have the latest files - we advise installing the files via the MATLAB Add-On Explorer. If you click on the Learn More button for the PicoScope 6000 Series - MATLAB Generic Instrument Driver you can view the README file in the GitHub repository.


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