How to bind Cursor/Ruler to trace?

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How to bind Cursor/Ruler to trace?

Post by AnHd »

Hello everybody,

I just started using a Picoscope 4824 together with software version 6.12.7.

After using LeCroy oscilloscopes for the past years, I am quite confused of the "ruler" function.
How do I get the ruler to show x-position (time) and y-position (e.g. for trace A) at the same time. Do I really have to place one separate ruler for time and another one for amplitude - I hope not?
If yes, I have a feature request ; )

Thanks for your help.


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Re: How to bind Cursor/Ruler to trace?

Post by Martyn »

We do have a feature request in for tracking rulers, so hopefully this will be added at some stage.
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