Purchase of a DrDAQ pH Measuring Kit

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Purchase of a DrDAQ pH Measuring Kit

Post by isegura » Thu Nov 30, 2006 10:48 am


I would like to purchase a DrDAQ pH Measuring Kit in order to make continuous measures of pH in an aqueous medium.

I need to make three parallel measures and I would like to know if there would be any problem with having three DrDAQ pH Measuring Kit conected to the same computer measuring. There's any posibility to measure these three mediums with the same kit?

Also I would like to know if you know some kind of system which allows me to conect these three DrDAQ pH Measuring Kit to that system through the RS-232 parallel port and gives an output USB port.

Could you send me an answer to igsepe_gmail?

Thank you in advance


Post by Sarah » Fri Dec 01, 2006 12:25 pm


Thank you for your post.

There isn't a way to use just one logger to achieve this however you can use 3 DrDAQ units at once. I imagine that at least one will need to be connected via a USB adaptor. Only our Pico adaptor will work with the DrDAQ so be sure to buy this one.

The DrDAQ is a parallel device and not an RS232 device. Thus you would need either direct parallel connection, or USB to parallel adaptor. RS232 is a serial communications bus and is not compatible.

Hope this helps

Best Regards

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