Alarms for PicoScope 6, or Python advanced triggers?

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Alarms for PicoScope 6, or Python advanced triggers?

Post by Squinn » Wed May 03, 2017 6:28 pm


I'm trying to use the 2206B in an embedded application, so it's difficult (almost impossible) to run the Windows version of the PicoScope software. This has to do with Microsoft's requirement the OS be installed on a HDD instead of an SD card. While the SBC has an Intel Atom chip and a SATA port for HDD, I would much prefer avoiding that due to all the required power rails for a SATA drive, especially when it's capable of running an OS from the microSD slot.

Anyway, one of the motivations for purchasing the product is saving waveforms captured by an advanced trigger. This is easily implemented on Windows with the alarm feature of course, but it looks like no equivalent exists for PicoScope 6 beta on Linux, right? Will the next release of the Linux version have this feature, and if so, approximately when will this update happen?

I was impressed with Colin OFlynn's Python API ( ... for the Pico SDK, but is unfortunatelysomewhat limited since it only allows for simple triggers. If I had a Python example of implementing advanced triggers, I could use this to program an alarm by hand, saving the traces I need.

Does PicoTech by chance have any Python examples using advanced triggers, or a related script I could adapt to fashion an alarm?

Thanks a lot

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Re: Alarms for PicoScope 6, or Python advanced triggers?

Post by Hitesh » Thu May 04, 2017 2:12 pm

Hi squinn,

We are working towards parity with the Windows version of PicoScope 6 but the next Beta release of the software on Linux is unlikely to have the Alarms feature.

We do have an example Python application repository on GitHub.

There is a module which provides the definitions of the advanced trigger functions.

I hope that this helps.


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