Error 5323?

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Error 5323?

Post by waynerandall »

I am running 8 picoscopes 5444B in a LabView project and I have just got an error 5323 on one of them while running a which your driver does not recognise. This error completely stopped the scope in question and even coming out of LabView did not solve the issue, I had to power down scope by removing the power and the USB and reconnect before windows would see it as a device again. Does anyone have an idea what this error might mean or a fix for it. I have only seen this error once.

Thanks for any help or suggestions.


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Re: Error 5323?

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Wayne,

The error code 323 in Hex is 0x143 which is PICO_TIMEOUT (A read/write to the device has timed out).

Is it always the same scope that has the issue, and does it also occur if it is the only scope connected to the PC?

Are the PicoScopes connected via the same USB hub or via different ports on the PC?

Does the scope work with the latest version of the PicoScope software?


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