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Getting the displayed aquisition time of Picoscope 6

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Getting the displayed aquisition time of Picoscope 6

Postby alfrei » Mon Apr 03, 2017 5:06 am

Hello together
I use python for data analyses. The conversion of the measured files is psata -> mat.

The command line version for converting psdata files into matlab format, looks like shown below
p = subprocess.Popen(['picoscope', '/c', path_file_dest, '/f', 'mat', '/q /b 1'], stdout=subprocess.PIPE)

The information which I also need is the displayed aquisition time from the picoscope software. This time differs from the time of the file date shown from the operating system.

The command "sci.io.whosmat(MATFILE)" shows as result e.g.
[('Tstart', (1, 1), 'double'), ('Tinterval', (1, 1), 'double'), ('ExtraSamples', (1, 1), 'double'), ('RequestedLength', (1, 1), 'double'), ('Length', (1, 1), 'double'), ('A', (21736714, 1), 'double'), ('B', (21736714, 1), 'double'), ('Version', (11,), 'char')]

The 'Tstart' doesn't have any value.

Are there any possibilities for getting this information?

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Re: Getting the displayed aquisition time of Picoscope 6

Postby Martyn » Mon Apr 03, 2017 10:32 am

The times displayed in the View->Properties panel for waveform captures is only available within the psdata file format, it is not exportable in any of the other formats, all there is a feature request to add this functionality.
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