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Scaling FFT

Postby driesdendas » Mon Mar 20, 2017 1:02 pm


Is there a way to set the range of the X an Y- axes in values such as 0 - 50 V / 10 - 10000 Hz.
When i do it with the zoom-function it is very difficle (impossible) to have whole numbers.


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Re: Scaling FFT

Postby Gerry » Thu Mar 23, 2017 1:34 pm

HI driesdendas,

By default, the Y axis is set to the logarithmic dBu scale, but you can change that to be linear using the 'Y-axis scale' setting in the 'FFT Options' (accessed using the icon with the bar-graph and arrow head 4th from the left, underneath the menu), and then you can customize the range displayed using the 'Axis Scaling' for the 'Channel Options' (accessed using the icon with the relevant Channel letter and arrow head, just above the graphic display). So, changing the scale value will zoom in and out by a proportion that you specify, and changing the offset value will move the axis up or down by the ratio (%) that you specify. You can also click and drag the scale values up or down to change the offset.
To specifically set 0 to 50V (assuming that you have a 0 to 50V signal in Scope view created with a custom probe) you would need to also set the custom probe in the Spectrum view.

For the X axis you can zoom in and out more precisely by specifying the zoom amount in the 'Horizontal Zoom' text box (text window to the left of the zoom controls). You would have to click on the zoom rectangle in the 'Zoom Overview' window and drag it to the left or right to adjust the horizontal offset (but you can enlarge the 'Zoom Overview' window for more precision).
You can also increase or decrease the bandwidth being captured to effectively zoom in and out.


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