3205D MSO: Capable of decoding OABR (BroadR-Reach)

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3205D MSO: Capable of decoding OABR (BroadR-Reach)

Post by PhreakShow » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:56 pm

Hey there,

I am thinking about buying a 3205D MSO, maybe even the four channel version. In the future it is very likely, that I have to decode OABR (also called BroadR-Reach), which is essentially 100MBit/s Ethernet with a different physical layer.
100BaseT uses two pairs for communication, OABR uses one pair.

Is the 3205D MSO fast (with regard to both bandwidth and sample rate) enough for decoding, and does the software support the protocol?


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Re: 3205D MSO: Capable of decoding OABR (BroadR-Reach)

Post by alan » Thu Mar 09, 2017 5:20 am


Yes the 3205D is fast enough to capture / display BroadR-Reach. We do not yet have decoder for this but add new decoders for free regularly (We just added CAN FD in the last week or so).

I will add this as another request for the protocol which helps move it up the list but can not make any promises as to when it will be released.


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