Wishlist for Picoscope/Mac

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Wishlist for Picoscope/Mac

Post by geraldvidic »

The latest version of the Picoscope for OSX/macos Sierra is pretty stable and I use it frequently for measurements. Would just like it to be soon more up-to-date to use most/all the features of our Picoscope hardware. My personal wishlist in the order of priorites:

1. File format compatibility with latest windows version

2. Math channels

3. Custom probes, masks

4. More Mac-like appearance, look-and-feel (with the help of mono/Xamarin.Mac ?)

5. Ideally identical functionality than windows version

As a developer myself I know this means more development effort and cost for a currently smaller user base, but In my opinion it must not be available for free, but at reasonable low cost and it could also attract more users to Picoscopes which are really great products.

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Re: Wishlist for Picoscope/Mac

Post by Hitesh »

Hi Gerald,

Thank you for the wishlist.

We are working towards feature parity with the Windows version which should address most of the points.

There should be a new version soon which resolves the file compatibility issue but the Math channel/Custom probes/Masks features are unlikely to be in this version.


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