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How to display the value correctly?

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How to display the value correctly?

Postby guest » Tue Oct 03, 2006 3:02 am

After i got the value from my ADC16, i found out that the value are very large, e.g, 26733 for channel 1, 1634872 for channel 3, etc. I did some research, and i understand that in this case, channel is a positive value while channel 3 is a negative value. So question is, how can i display them correctly, in other words, how can i convert 26733 to its proper positive number format, and 1634872 to its proper negative number format? For positive and with 16 bit conversion resolution, i am currently using " value*2500/65536, but what about other conversion resolution, still the same formula? How about negative, i got no idea how that works..

please help

many thanks

Postby Michael » Thu Oct 05, 2006 11:31 am


The A-D converter returns a value from LSB to MSB across the selected voltage range.

Like this 16 bit resolution = 65536 bits so that would be bit range 0-65535.
Now, the A-D will return 0 as the largest negative value and 65535 as the largest positive value. Zero volts will be half way in between at 32768.

This is detailed in the manual but I hope this will help you get started.

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