DrDaq and LabView 7.1

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DrDaq and LabView 7.1

Post by sergueiXXX » Tue Sep 26, 2006 12:36 pm

Hi. Where can I get files for DrDaq LabView support. Which files it should be?

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Post by gruntman » Fri Sep 29, 2006 2:32 am

Helllo SergueiXXX,

Attached is the file you require. The attached zip file includes the Drdaq.llb which is a linked library (llb) with all of its sub-VIs and vi.lib files included. This should include everything you require. The following is a excerpt from the DrDAQ user manual:

  • The routines described here were tested using LabVIEW for Windows 95 version 4.0.
    While it is possible to access all of the driver routines described earlier, it is easier to use
    the special LabVIEW access routines if only single readings are required. The drdaq.llb
    library in the DRIVERS sub-directory shows how to access these routines.
    To use these routines, copy drdaq.llb and drdaq32.dll to your LabVIEW user.lib
    directory. You will then find a sub-vi to access a DrDAQ channel, and an example sub-vi
    that demonstrates how to use it.
    You can use one of these sub-vis for each of the channels that you wish to measure. The
    sub-vi accepts the port (1 for LPT1) and channel and returns a value.

If you need anything further post a reply and Michael will be able to assist you further

Richard Boyd
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