First test drive: Bugs and Crashes

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First test drive: Bugs and Crashes

Post by Joghurt » Fri Jan 27, 2017 7:58 am

I got my brand new Picoscope 2205A MSO yesterday, and started analyzing a DB9 RS232 connection right away. :D

I used a Laptop running Linux to capture the data on the go (with the latest Picoscope software using the apt-get method) and ran into the first problem: I was unable to restart a recording run after stopping it (it worked once, I believe, but I'm not sure because that was somewhere at the start): It just did nothing when I pressed the little green button on the lower left after pressing the little red one. Is this normal? Or is it a bug? :( I ended up with closing and restarting Picoscope every time I wanted to start capturing data. Not very funny, but it worked. :twisted:

Then I wanted to analyze the captured (and saved) data using my big Windows machine at home and that didn't work at all: The latest "stable" Picoscope 6.12.5 crashed several times doing different things (flipping forward or backwards through display pages, zooming etc. - The application asked me twice to file crash reports :roll: ). And what was shown wasn't shown right when zooming: The data lines get truncated on the right until they're like 2 centimeters in width, and the rest of the (data lines) window is empty. :cry:

I put the psdata file here, so you can see for yourself. :!:

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Re: First test drive: Bugs and Crashes

Post by Hitesh » Tue Jan 31, 2017 4:22 pm

Hi Joghurt,

Thank you for your feedback on the first run with the PicoScope 2205A MSO.

We are aware of an issue where the application cannot be restarted after stopping a capture so I have updated an existing bug report.

With regards to the crashes on Windows, that sounds like an issue that I have come across via another Customer - can you please e-mail attaching the zip files along with a description of the steps so that we can investigate further?

I've taken a look at the data file but could not see a zoom applied. Are you capturing data on the analogue and digital inputs and then applying a zoom during the capture or after the capture has stopped?


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