ADC16 driver methods problem

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ADC16 driver methods problem

Post by ysha4171 » Sat Sep 16, 2006 2:37 am

i am using adc1632.dll to write my own software, here are some questions

1). The adc16_open_unit works fine as it returns 1 or true, but i dont know how to use adc16_get_value and adc16_get_version, because they all have pointer as first argument. Do i have to declare pointer in my own method declaration since i am using c#? Can i use other instead? e.g.,

public static extern bool (or short) adc16_get_value(long value, short port, short channel);

then use: long value=0; short port=(short)2; short channel=(short)2
adc16_get_value(value, port, channel);
Is this corret? Can i get the readings in the value variable?

2). Is PicoLogger software compatible with my own software?
i mean i can detect if PicoLogger is running or not before i am running my own software, so both of them can be running at same time. But what about vice versa? It seems if my own software is running in advance, then running PicoLogger will give me the error,"Adc16-com2 can be not opened", how can i fix it up to let both of them running at same time? I really need to let them running at same time.. If it is not possible, does that mean i have to detect PIcoLogger at fixed time interval in my own software, if PicoLogger is running, then i have to stop my software, let PicoLogger running, then re-start my software?

many thanks


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Post by Michael » Thu Sep 21, 2006 12:31 pm


Answer provided by email.

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