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.NET examples for PicoScope 2000A/B & MSO models

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.NET examples for PicoScope 2000A/B & MSO models

Postby Hitesh » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:56 am


Customers using the PicoSDK version may find that the PICO_NOT_FOUND status code is displayed when trying to connect to one of the following PicoScope 2000 Series models with the C# examples from the C:\PicoSDK\PS2000A\C# console folder:

  • PicoScope 2405A
  • PicoScope 2205A MSO
  • PicoScope 2206/7/8B
  • PicoScope 2406/7/8B
  • PicoScope 2206/7/8B MSO

This is due to the drivers installed as part of the SDK being released prior to the launch of the above products. We are in the process of determining how best to deploy examples and drivers so in the meantime, an example C# console application can be downloaded from the zip file below:

Example C# Console application for ps2000a driver
(19.14 KiB) Downloaded 71 times

32-bit drivers:

1. Download the latest stable version of PicoScope from our Downloads page
2. On a 64-bit operating system, copy the Ps2000a.dll (rename it to ps2000a.dll) and the PicoIpp.dll (rename to picoipp.dll) from the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\PicoScope6 directory

to the

C:\Program Files (x86)\Pico Technology\SDK\lib directory

(on a 32-bit operating system this will be C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\PicoScope6 to C:\Program Files\Pico Technology\SDK\lib)

64-bit drivers:

Please e-mail support@picotech.com

Note: If you have a PicoScope 2204A or 2205A, you should be using the PicoScope 2000 Series examples from the C:\PicoSDK\PS2000 folder as these use the API functions from the ps2000 driver.


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