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Yet Another Serial Decoding Question

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Yet Another Serial Decoding Question

Postby mike603 » Thu Dec 22, 2016 4:06 pm

Two questions here actually.

I am decoding RS-232 communications. Currently to decode transmit and receive you have to create two decodes, one for the transmit channel and one for the receive channel. This creates 2 decode windows.

Is there any way to have both the transmit and receive appear in the same decoding window color coordinated? That would make it much easier to see the timing relationships between the transmit and receive data.

For example, the response time to a command would the the time of the last bit of the last byte of the transmitted command to the time of the first bit of the fist byte of the response.

Also, is there any way to setup custom start and end of packet bytes. For example let's say your data packet starts with a 0xA5 and ends with a 0x5A. The decoder, as an option, could break down the data stream into packets, rather than just transmit and receive data streams.

I could see this becoming part of the custom serial decoder where individual commands could be decoded, driven by some kind of lookup table.

Thank you.
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Re: Yet Another Serial Decoding Question

Postby Martyn » Wed Dec 28, 2016 1:43 pm

I will pass your comments on to the development team, so please keep checking the new features we add in to the beta releases.
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