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SOLVED: PicoScope 6, 2204A, "No suitable device found"

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SOLVED: PicoScope 6, 2204A, "No suitable device found"

Postby KBB » Wed Dec 07, 2016 3:04 pm


I am one of several engineers working in a medium-sized company, located in Denmark.
We use a dozen or so 2204 PicoScopes for various purposes, and have had no problems with these, now discontinued, oscilloscopes. I recently bought the new version, 2204A (*DV943/182*), and cannot get it to work.

Windows 7 finds the device after I connect it, and loads a driver (PicoScope 2000 series PC Oscilloscope,, 23-07-2014).
When I start PicoScope 6 (, I hear the characteristic "click" as the device is opened.
I then get the message "No suitable device found".

If I reconnect the device, PicoScope 6 shows "Opening devices..." and is stuck there.

I tested this on several other computers often working with the 2204, and I got the same result.
After reading several posts on this forum, from people who seem to have the same issue, I tried installing the beta (, as well as the SDK (PicoSDK 10.6.10 (64-bit)) to no avail.

Please advise me how I might get this to work for now, and when you expect to have this fixed.
If I can assist you with troubleshooting, please let me know.

Kind regards,
Kent B.
Innoscan A/S
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Re: PicoScope 6, 2204A, "No suitable device found"

Postby KBB » Fri Dec 09, 2016 6:04 pm

Hi again,

I figured out what the problem was, and it is now solved. Maybe this information can help someone.
TL;DR: I solved the problem by using the original blue USB-cable.

I connected the 2204A, and opened PicoScope 6.
Inside the trace.xml file, found in "C:\Users\XXX\AppData\Local\Pico Technology\64XXXXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXXXXXXXXXX", I noticed the following lines:
Code: Select all
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:13.508" category="Scanning for USB devices" level="Info">Begin</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.124" category="Scanning for USB devices" level="Info">Found device 0CE9_1007</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.124" category="Scanning for USB devices" level="Info">Complete</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.139" category="Device" level="Info">Attempting to load ps2000.dll</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.163" level="Info">ModuleInitPass Hs</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.163" category="Device" level="Info">Finished loading ps2000.dll</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:14.163" category="Device" level="Info">Opening device using DLL ps2000.dll</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:16.930" level="Error">HW error occurred: 5. Requires HW reboot.</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:16.931" category="Device" level="Info">Opening device unsuccessful. Error NotResponding</event>
<event time="09-12-16 18:54:16.932" category="Device" level="Info">No of Devices Found: 0</event>

After that, I connected the 2204 to compare, but to my surprise, that resulted in the same error. After I replaced the cable, both devices worked. It turns out that a standard thin 3m usb cable, does not work with either device. There was no noticeable damage on the cable.
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Re: SOLVED: PicoScope 6, 2204A, "No suitable device found"

Postby Martyn » Mon Dec 12, 2016 8:40 am

Good to hear it's working :)

Our cables have thicker cores to provide the necessary power required by the devices, so other cables can cause this type of issue.
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