Can I save to psd only the part I am zooming in to?

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Can I save to psd only the part I am zooming in to?

Post by McLyde »

First of all, I'd like to save on trigger at a speed of 100-200Hz. I have an external trigger at 150Hz at the moment.

If I save, say 2000 files this way, it takes about 2 minutes to save the 2000 files. This gives me one file in about 60ms. Is the speed of save on trigger somehow limited? While the samples are being collected I don't need the signal to be appearing to the screen, can the .ini -file be used to disable screen updates?

I have changed the "Maximum samples per scope trace" to 20000 at 20us/div
The whole trace is 200us long and I want to save only one small part of it. I zoom in 20x (139us-149us).

Can only this time window be saved? The idea behind these thoughts is that if there's less points to be saved, it will happen quicker

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Post by Michael »


Thank you for your post.

Firstly, which instrument are you using? THis may affect the data transfer performance explaining the time lag. Also, tweaking the scope settings is possible to obtain the best performance.

Have you tried the PicoLog software? This may also allow you to capture the data at the speed you require.

Please give me a bit more information as to the instrument you are using.

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