psd -file format

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psd -file format

Post by McLyde »

I've been trying to make a matlab-code that would read psd-files. I am having slight problems with the code and I came here to ask, if I have understood something wrong.
(I have a picoscope 3206 and the software version is 5.13.3) I use the save on trigger mode. I have also changed the SaveUncompressed flag to YES in the psw.ini. I have one single channel, that I use to collect 4002 datapoints with 10ns time resolution

The header is 8 bytes long. How many bytes are the "owner", "section type", "section number" and "number of parts"?

After the first 8 bytes, the next 32 bits (4 bytes) describe the size of part 1?

After part one, there should be a 32bit count that would describe the size of part 2. Part 2 is constructed of 16bit ADC-values.
The size of part 3 is found from the next 32 bits, and the 32bit time values can be found from there.

Have I understood this right or am I way off?

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Post by Michael »


The PSD file format is very complex. There are window size and positions that are stored as well as measurements and cursor positions.

I would suggest that you use the batch convert programm embedded in the psw32.exe file. Full information can be found in the help files.

This program will turn your psd files into csv files, making it easier to read by other applications.

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Good luck

Post by tomford2 »

Check the forum post a while back with the URL about864. There's some C++ code that decodes the headers correctly. However, I couldn't get sensible data from the psd file using this code - the data seems to be an array of shorts but they don't correspond to the data readings!

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How to use the batch convert

Post by samthetechie »

The help documentation says:

psw -t run*.psd

I would like to point out that most XP users will find this code more useful:

cd c:/directory/where/your/code/is/

psw32.exe -t *.psd

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