Help with using ps2000_run_streaming_ns

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Help with using ps2000_run_streaming_ns

Post by TonyR » Tue Jul 12, 2016 2:43 pm

Firstly I want to say that software development is not my main skill, it is a hobby, so forgive me if my questions are not relevant.

Dev environment: Visual Studio 2013 express,

'Scope is a 2204A

What I want to do:

1) Connect to the scope, set a timebase, and capture 10 - 15 seconds of data.
2) Rinse and repeat, hopefully without having to re-initialise the driver each time.

Reading through the SDK documentation, it looks as though using 'ps2000_run_streaming_ns' would be my best option.

I have managed to copy the the module.bas from the Excel demo, and get some functionality working in

The easy part was getting the signal generator to work (the part I don't really need!).

Please can somebody provide an easy (for a novice) to understand example of how to achieve the above.

All I'm looking for, is a basic form, with output to a listbox (I can hopefully process it from there).

I found an example in these very forums, however the exact working of this passes over my head somewhat.

Example was found here: topic6911.html (

If I'm asking for the impossible - then please advise and I'll give up now. :P


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Re: Help with using ps2000_run_streaming_ns

Post by Martyn » Mon Jul 18, 2016 5:54 am

How many samples do you wish to collect in the time you have specified, and at what sample interval?
Will the collection start with a trigger, or just when you run the application?
How much time is there going to be between repeat runs?
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