Error With Driver?

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Error With Driver?

Post by dgerrard » Fri Jul 08, 2016 10:30 pm

My picoscope setup had been working fine but it seems that there is some issue with the driver. When I run this API Function in Matlab I get the following error. I didn't change any code but it quit working (I believe after a Windows update). How can I get this corrected?

[run_block_status, timeIndisposedMs] = invoke(ps3000a_obj, 'ps3000aRunBlock', 0, 0, 4.2950e+09, 1, 0)

run_block_status = 29 (PICO_TOO_MANY_SAMPLES)
timeIndisposedMs = 0
Instrument Device Object Using Driver : PS3000a_IC_drv.mdd

Instrument Information
Type: Oscilloscope
Manufacturer: Pico Technology Ltd.
Model: PicoScope 3000 Series

Driver Information
DriverType: MATLAB generic
DriverName: PS3000a_IC_drv.mdd
DriverVersion: 1.0

Communication State
Status: open

Connected to PicoScope device:-
Handle: 16384
Batch/Serial number: CY761/117
InstrumentModel: 3206D
Number of channels: 2
Signal Generator type: None
connect_status =

open_unit: 286
unit_serial: 0
unit_variant: 0

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Re: Error With Driver?

Post by Martyn » Tue Jul 12, 2016 8:55 am

The return code 286 from the OpenUnit call means that you have the device connected to a USB2 port (PICO_USB3_0_DEVICE_NON_USB3_0_PORT), can you try on a USB3 port and see if the device is working correctly.
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