Set up number of AWG pulses, limited pulse stream

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Set up number of AWG pulses, limited pulse stream

Post by Henri » Sat Jun 18, 2016 7:39 am


I'm setting up a test device which needs to stream PWM pulses (standard square wave) to special device. I need five pulses and once they are streamed pulse generator should stop. Imagine this like pushing a button for five times and then stop.

From arbitrary setting window I found number of cycles but it continued streaming selected pulses even selected cycle count was achieved.

It would be great if someone here guides me to achieve a method to limit pulses generated?

Ideal pulse stream:
- standard square wave form
- low 0V
- high 4 V (or highest possible if limited to lower)
- frequency 50Hz
- 50% high 50% low
- 5 cycles starting from 0V and ending to 0V which remains
- cycle start using mouse click or other trigger method

I'm very new with this Picoscope 2204A and oscilloscopes in general so assume lack of basic knowledge.


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Re: Set up number of AWG pulses, limited pulse stream

Post by Hitesh » Wed Jun 22, 2016 11:44 am

Hi Henri,

Unfortunately, the PicoScope 2204A and 2205A models do not support the ability to output a number of cycles of the waveform.

You would need to use the PicoScope 2206B or higher model from the PicoScope 2000 Series range (including 4-channel and MSO models) which have this feature. The output is limited to +/- 2 Volts.


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