ADC-24: Program freezing in HRDLRun() call

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ADC-24: Program freezing in HRDLRun() call

Post by davidm » Tue May 23, 2006 12:44 am

I have developed a Win32 console C++ program (using Visual Studio .Net 2003 on Windows XP SP2), based on the example code provided with the ADC-24, and am experiencing strange freezing behaviour on 2 out of 3 machines that I have tested the program on (works on a Dell laptop (although this was using VC++ 6.0 - possibly a influencing factor, but not a Dell or unbranded desktops). I have tried this with the R27 driver release, as well as the latest drivers downloaded from the website.

All the HRDL channel setup functions (including HRDLGetSingleValue()) work and return meaningful data and no error codes with my -seemingly- valid settings, but when it reaches the point where it begins to record data the program never returns from the HRDLRun() call (in block, window or streaming modes).

The provided PicoLog software (which appears to use the picoHRDL.dll library) works just fine, so as an exercise, I rewrote the code to load and bind to the picoHRDL.dll at runtime instead using the static picoHRDL.lib library to check if the behaviour was different. This version also froze in the HRDLRun() call.

Finally, I compiled and ran the provided example code as is with the same parameters and experienced similar freezing.

Can anyone shed any light on the problem?


Post by Sarah » Wed May 31, 2006 10:30 am


Thank you for your post.

I have Visual Studio .NET 2003 here so if you want to email the project to me at then I will see if I can get it to freeze on my computer.

Remember to include a brief outline of the issue in your email.

Best Regards

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