Installing and configuring software for ADC11

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Installing and configuring software for ADC11

Post by benxyp09 » Thu Jun 16, 2016 10:27 am

Hi guys,

I am trying to install and configure PicoScope and PicoLogg Recorder for an pico ADC-11.
I have followed the instructions from the ADC-11/ADC-20 user guide (I have also copied the adc1132.dll file as specified in chap. 3.2 of the manual) [filename: adc11-en-2.pdf] and installed PicoScope and PicoLog Recorder which I have downloaded from (Discontinued Products -> ADC-11 -> software). I have also installed the drivers (a .rar file) for ADC-11 from (Data Loggers -> ADC-11 -> Recourses).
Inside the .rar file there is a PICOreadme.txt file which gives further instruction on how to install the drivers.

Following the steps I have done the following:
1) USB drivers
Copy picopp.inf to <winroot>\inf
Copy picopp.sys to <winroot>\system32\drivers
Plug the device in and follow the new hardware wizard.

2) Parallel port drivers
Copy pico.sys to <winroot>\system32\drivers
use regdrive with the pico option to install the driver service:
c:\> regdrive.exe pico

When running Picosocpe I get this message: "the file adc1132.dll failed to load correctly"
When connecting ADC-11 to my computers USB port the drives fail to install and my ADC-11 is not recognized neither by PicoScope nor PicoLog Recorder.

I am running Windows 7 professional, service pack 1.

Any help would be highly appreciated.

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Re: Installing and configuring software for ADC11

Post by Hitesh » Fri Jun 17, 2016 7:56 am

Hi benxyp09,

If your Windows 7 operating system is a 64-bit version then the ADC-11 will not work and you will need a 32-bit operating system.

When you installed the PicoLog Recorder software, was the adc1132.dll file present in the installation directory?


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