Fast block mode freezes

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Fast block mode freezes

Post by McLyde »

I'm using a Picoscope 3206 and I am struggling with the fast block mode (software version 5.3.19). I have the external power connected:

The parameters I have for the fast block mode, are:
Timebase: 20ns and the number of samples: 1M. Only channel A is being used (AC-coupled, +/- 1V). Additionally I have an external trigger.

The problem occurs when the samples are being sent to the computer. Some times I can collect up to 3 files before the program crashes and sometimes it happens after the first 1Msamples have been collected.

Even if I lower the number of collected samples, the problem still presents itself. The only way I've been able to avoid this is to wait 1 second between the samples being collected.

Would it be possible to change the time between consecutive measurements, to faster than 1second?


Post by Sarah »


Thank you for your post.

I believe the restart delay has to be at least one second as ms is not an available option. In what way does the software crash? Can you email us a settings file of this to so that we can attempt to recreate it here?

Best Regards

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