Problem with LV6.1 Application builder and adc200

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Problem with LV6.1 Application builder and adc200

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We have developed an application on LV 6.1 using the adc20032.dll calls. The application is developed on XP and compiled using the application builder. When we distribute it to our machines with the adc200 hardware, there is an error stating that adc200.sys cannot be found and the program terminates. Do you have any ideas on why this might occur?

The Devel machine is LV6.1 Windows XP and all software in c:\pico
The machines that it will run on are Win9x and have all software in c:\pico

Todd Goyen

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adc200.sys is a low level system driver and needs to be registered with the system before it can be used. You probably need to reinstall the PicoLog application with administrator priveledges then restart your computer.

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1) The file does not need to be registered into the system registry
2) You are creating an EXE distributable for installation

You must include the file into your Labview project and set the destination location of the included file appropriately.

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The adc200.sys is installed onto your PC and registered when either Picolog, Picoscope are installed. It is also installed when downloading and unpacking the drivers available form the web. It is registered after you re-start the PC.

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Mark Spencer

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