Averaging of multiple acquisitions...

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Averaging of multiple acquisitions...

Post by sanandak » Sat May 06, 2006 6:43 pm

Dear Pico Support & Engineering staff,

I want to average RF radar waveforms to improve SNR. Here are the specs:

5MHz center freq, 10MHz bandwidth,
PRF (pulse repetition frequency) of 10kHz

Record length is 40 microsec per waveform, so at 100Ms/sec, that is 4000 samples.

I am considering the 3206 but I wish to acquire multiple (up to 500) waveforms one after the other. Can I transfer all the samples to my PC in the deadtime between triggers (40us record length, 100us between successive triggers, so 60us inbetween to transfer the 4000 samples).

On the PC, I need to simply store and average 500 acquisitions and then save them to disk.

Is this possible? (I am currently using a regular scope, but as our radar work is outside the lab - I'm a geologist - the scope is heavy and consumes power).

Also, we generate a separate 10MHz signal and input it into the REFERENCE input of our scope so that the sampling clock in the scope and our clock are the same - this is a standard feature in most scopes - do you have an input for that?



Post by Sarah » Mon May 08, 2006 3:18 pm


Thank you for your post.

The data transfer time depends on a number of different things. If you are not using a full buffer then it will be quicker. Using USB2 and a full buffer I believe the transfer usually takes milliseconds rather than microseconds. It would not be possible to improve upon the time enough that it could be done in microseconds.

Best Regards

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