ADC-16 gives "********" output instead of data va

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ADC-16 gives "********" output instead of data va

Post by Patrick » Wed May 03, 2006 4:18 pm

I was using ADC-16 with Win 98SE and COM1 serial cable to log dc outputs (+/- 2.5 volts dc range) on 5 channels of a strain amplifier. Everything was working fine. Then I had to shut the system down.

After shutting down the system and retarting, Picolog appears to reconnect to all five channels but only gives "********* as the output on all channels. i.e.

Ch1 *********** Vdc
Ch2 *********** Vdc
Ch3 *********** Vdc
Ch4 *********** Vdc
Ch5 *********** Vdc

Disconnecting, rebooting, reinstalling doesn't seem to fix it. What am I doing wrong?
Pat Cusack


Post by Sarah » Mon May 08, 2006 3:10 pm

Hi Pat

Can you try the unit on another PC? If it doesn't work on there either then it sounds like the unit needs repairing. If it does then there is some kind of issue with the first PC. Try checking the RS232 voltages. They should be:

Pin 4 = -7V
Pin 5 = GND
Pin 7 = +7V

Best Regards

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