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Python demo for PicoScope 2204A

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Python demo for PicoScope 2204A

Postby Jeff » Thu May 12, 2016 8:39 am

Here's a simple Python 3 demo showing how to open a PicoScope oscilloscope in Windows and display some data. It uses the ps2000.dll driver, which supports the PicoScope 2204A and 2205A scopes among others.

ps2000-to-ascii screen shot showing one cycle of a 1 kHz sine wave test signal
(10.73 KiB) Not downloaded yet

This demo uses a quick and dirty method of choosing the timebase. For more robust operation, you should call ps2000_get_timebase() to ensure that the scope is capable of generating the sampling rate that you want.
ps2000-to-ascii code in Python 3
(6.39 KiB) Downloaded 438 times
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