Ranges with 20:1 attenuator

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Ranges with 20:1 attenuator

Post by Christian »

In our automotive-electronic-laboratory for trainees, learning measurements with an oscillocscope, we want to use PicoScopes 3223. Because we want to measure fuel injectors and similar equipment, it might be the best, to use the 20:1 attenuator generally.

Now I found a problem with the software. When choosing the 20:1 attenuator in the menu, the voltage will be shown correctly on the screen. But I have to choose the range +/- 1V when I want to have the +/- 20 volts on the scale of the screen. No problem, if you know about that, but a great problem for a trainee, just beginning to learn using an oscilloscope and not knowing that there is a 20:1 attenuator.

So is this a bug? Or is there a possibility to delete the standard ranges in order to use only customer settings? This would be the best, because we use PicoScopes for some special measurements in our school-workshop too, where it would be the best, only to have the one and only range, the trainees will need. We will have about 12 PicoScopes now and another 10 in one or two years, so it would be great to solve this problem, because I found no other scope for automotive tests with an easy handling like the PicoScopes and German language.

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Post by ricardo »

Hi Chris,

The scaling for the 20:1 attenuator is done using a 'Custom Range'. This custom range is already setup in the Automotive Software, it appears in the voltage range drop down box as '-100 - 400V'.

If you get in touch with me directly via email or phone I can help you with your particular needs.

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