How to save serial decoding settings

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How to save serial decoding settings

Post by Colin382 »

I mostly work with serial communications, both UART and RS232 at various data rates.

The ability to set up decoders to show the value of each byte is great, saves me a lot of time.
BUT I cannot find a way of saving the decoders I have created, they get lost every time I close PicoLog.

I'm using a Pico 3204 (old but good) with software

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Re: How to save serial decoding settings

Post by bennog »

What I do is save the data including decoded data and right decoder settings.

Then when I want to use the decoder settings again I open the .psdata file with I had saved before.

Then start collecting data and all settings are OK.

There should be a better way of doing this but this is an easy way for me :D


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