Automotive software & ADC-216--Will it work?

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Automotive software & ADC-216--Will it work?

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I would like to know if the Automotive software will work with the ADC-216. I want the extra resolution. Or am I better off with one of the automotive scopes?

Second, I will need a usb to Parallel adaptor. Can PICO supply that?

Will it all work with XP?

Thanks in advance. RJM

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Auto Scopes

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I think you are better off with the new 3423 or 3223 automotive scopes. You don't need the extra vertical resolution. 12 bit is plenty. The sample rate and buffer size are way more valuable and both of these way outperform the 216. In addition, the fast USB direct interface is many times faster for faster screen updates and captures enabling you to capture a larger amount of the action. You won't need the adapter :shock: Works great with XP.

333Ks/sec is not fast enough for many automotive uses and the buffer is 32K. The 3223 and 3423 units have 20MHz max speeds and a 512K buffer. Compare performance with our sample rate calculator:

You'll see that the 216 is not what you need. Not sure, but I don't think it would be compatible with the automotive software either. It works with the 212 series and the 3223 and 3423 only.
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Post by ricardo »


No, the ADC-216 will not work with the automotive software.

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