Calibrating the three-axis accelerometer (PP877)

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Calibrating the three-axis accelerometer (PP877)

Post by AndrewA » Fri Apr 29, 2016 9:25 am

Hi all,

The offset and gain of the three-axis accelerometer does vary from unit to unit, so for accurate results it best calibrate each axis.
I have created some probe files and a spreadsheet file help calibrate the three-axis accelerometer with the PicoScope software.
I created three custom probes for each axis; X, Y, and Z.
These are setup with default scaling relationship of-

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g = 10 x volts - 10
The custom probe files can be import into PicoScope. See page 55- ... -guide.pdf

If you want a more accurate results you need to calibrate each axis using offset and scale values.
I have attached a spreadsheet if you wish to do this.
You need a levelled table, and for each axis and hold the accelerometer down flat for +1g and -1g and enter the voltages for each. (Set the scope channels to the +-2v range)
You will them need to edit the each custom probe and change them to the scaled values, from the spreadsheet.
3-axis accelerometer
3-axis accelerometer Setup
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Regards Andrew
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