PicoScope 2204 - GUI use

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PicoScope 2204 - GUI use

Post by tproulund »

I have a PicoScope 2204 and are running Debian 64 bit. I have installed the Picoscope software and it opens fine and the demo mode runs without problem, but it is not able to detect the scope.
I read the guide about driver installation and have install the libps2000 lib and compiled the installer and when i run ps2000con it connects fine and I can hear the scope makes a sound when i connect.
How do i make the GUI based software see the scope, I would prefer not running the scope from terminal

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Re: PicoScope 2204 - GUI use

Post by Hitesh »

Hi tproulund,

Which version of Mono do you have installed?

Are you using a blue USB cable or a white USB cable?

It might be helpful to see the trace.xml file from your last session - this can be found in the following location:

~/.local/share/Pico\ Technology/260a68f1-30f-0a5e01d65514


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