Read Measurement Informations

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Read Measurement Informations

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I purchased your PicoScpde 5244B and I would like to get the data with SDK which are already added by PicoScope6.
I added 3 measurement items,
1) CH-A, PeekToPeek (Value/Min/Max/Average/sigma)
2) CH-A, Frequency (Value/Min/Max/Average/sigma)
3) CH-B, Frequency (Value/Min/Max/Average/sigma)

I ready want to read the value of "PeekToPeek item's Value:CH-A", "Frequency item's: Average: CH-A" and "Frequency item's: Average: CH-B".

What's the APIs to manipulate those?
I read aticles of this forum but unfortunately I can't found any hint.


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Re: Read Measurement Informations

Post by Hitesh » Tue Mar 22, 2016 2:13 pm


You can obtain measurements via a command line interface - please refer to this post.

Unfortunately, measurements are not available via the API functions - you will need to undertake this either using post-processing of the data if you are using the functions to set up and collect data from the device, or if you are using the PicoScope 6 software, then you could use the approach above.


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