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Post by baasacJak » Mon Mar 13, 2006 2:31 am

I'm not getting the regdrive.exe file with my installation and I can't register with this forum either!!

Could someone please help? Just zip it up and post it in this thread or something?

PLEASE!! :cry:

Why can't I register?!?!

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Post by Michael » Mon Mar 13, 2006 10:09 am


You may not be receiving the forum notification email. Please check your spam settings or email address.

You will no longer see the regdrive programm with our new installer package. This MSI installer writes to the registry without the regdrive. You will need to select the correct option when installing from the web.

The choice will be: Install on my PC" or "Install on another PC"

Please let me know oif you are having problems.

Best regards,
Michael - Tech Support
Pico Technology
Web Support Forum

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