Doubt about roll mode in Picoscope 2204A

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Doubt about roll mode in Picoscope 2204A

Post by Reyeseyer » Fri Mar 18, 2016 9:05 am


I am thinking about buying a picoscope 2204A, but I need to use the roll mode.
In my actual oscilloscope it is defined as:
"This acquisition mode is intended specifically for very
slow signals, with the untriggered signal „rolling“ across
the screen from right to left (requires signals slower than
200 kHz). The R&S®HMO Compact series uses a ring buffer
to store the signal values in roll mode. Simply put, the instrument
writes the first division to the first storage space,
the second division to the second storage space, etc.
Once the storage is full, the instrument overwrites the first
storage space with the data of the most recent measurement
value. This creates a „ring“ or cycle run, similar to a
Does picoscope 2204A have a mode like this one?
Thanks a lot.

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Re: Doubt about roll mode in Picoscope 2204A

Post by alan » Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:58 pm


The roll mode with the 2204A works a bit differently to the R&S scope as the PicoScope 2204A does not have the limitation of only working on un-triggered signals. It can capture pre-trigger data until a trigger occurs then scroll across the screen.

In roll mode the scope uses PC memory to provide a 100Meg waveform buffer (50x bigger than the R&S from memory). As such its possible to capture much longer runs of data without any loss then zoom in to see any part in detail.

If you download the demo version you can try this out.


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