Possible bug with ps5000aGetTimebase2, ps5000a.dll v1.1.4.42

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Possible bug with ps5000aGetTimebase2, ps5000a.dll v1.1.4.42

Post by jaray » Fri Mar 04, 2016 2:03 pm

I tried to make a post with a lot of my code, but cloud flare blocked me from being able to post it.

The issue I noticed is that sometimes my captures are 1 sample short of what they are supposed to be. My only thought is that the float that is returned from ps5000aGetTimebase2 isn't always correct for timeIntervalNanoseconds. I've gone ahead and set my timeIntervalNanoseconds to be 16 since my sampling rate is static. I can email code to someone if they are interested in trying to recreate it.

If I am able to retest my equipment in the next few days, I will let you know if setting timeIntervalNanoseconds to be 16 fixes my issue.

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Re: Possible bug with ps5000aGetTimebase2, ps5000a.dll v1.1.

Post by Hitesh » Mon Mar 07, 2016 9:54 am

Hi jaray,

There are updated drivers available so please e-mail supprt@picotech.com and we can make this available for you.

A request has been made to the Development Team for a new SDK release with new drivers.


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