Command-line program for RH-02 pls?

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Command-line program for RH-02 pls?

Post by Alan »


Do you have a small command-line program for the RH-02? I want one for my DOS/NT batch files.

For example :

ReadRH02.exe port-number

coudl return the temp and humidity separated by space, comma or tab.

Can't write console-apps in VB and I don't have a C complier.

Thanks in advance!

- Alan.

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Post by matthew »

Hi alan,

Unfortunately the only console apps we do are in C. C compilers are easy to come by though - Borland do a free one and the Microsoft compilers aren't really very expensive.

The example programs are quite simple though, and you would need to do your own modifications to make them useful.

Best Regards,
Matt Everett

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Post by Guest »

Hi, I can write it for you :)

Ole I.

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