Problem with fast block mode

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Problem with fast block mode

Post by jimmc » Wed Feb 15, 2006 11:29 am

I am trying to use an ADC212 configured as follows:

Recording: Fast Block mode

Input Channels
Timebase: 341uS Number of samples: 32733 (maximum)
Channels: A and B

My problems are:

1 Timestamp seems to run repeatedly from 0 to 4294453 uS and then
start again from 0.

2 Samples from channels A and B share the same timestamp
eg 0, 682,1363, ...

when in fact they are interleaved
eg CHA 0, 682, 1363,...
CHB 341, 1023, 1705, ...

At present I am importing the data into excel and correcting it there.
Am I missing something? Is there a better way?


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Post by Michael » Wed Feb 22, 2006 9:59 am


The best way to exact actual timings for channel samples is to use the PicoScope software. This will give you 2 channels with independant timing.

You will need to save each block to disk using save on trigger functions.

Best regards,
Michael - Tech Support
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