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Setting up Digital/MSO Groups

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Setting up Digital/MSO Groups

Postby AndrewA » Thu Feb 04, 2016 9:53 am

To setup a MSO group-

  • Click on the 'MSO button' in the tool bar, to open the 'Select Digital Channels/Groups' window.
  • Click the 'Create group' button.
  • Select the channels you want to be in the group in the 'Available channels' (top area)
  • Click and drag these selected channels and drop them on top of the new group you created.

  • If you have already added channels to the 'Channels and Groups for Display' area you can select and click drag these and drop them on top of a group to add them also.

MSO groups setup.png
MSO groups setup

MSO groups.png
MSO groups

MSO groups.psdata
MSO groups
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