Novice advice required - Sensors

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Novice advice required - Sensors

Post by JezOakley » Thu Feb 09, 2006 9:13 am


I have a background in software data logging using a/d converters with transducers and other sensors. However, this was some years ago and I now need to restore my expertise. I am looking at the initial feasibility for a very specific one off application.

Looking at the ADC 11, it appears to handle an input voltage of 0-2.5v DC. That's fine but what I have no idea of is the extent to which that is compatible with various sensors that are available. I wouldn't even know what sensor supplier to look at... RS, Farnell??

I will need to measure simple things like voltage, current, temperature; but also a number of domain specific inputs/levels that form part of a control system. I don't yet know the operating voltages but I would just like to get a feel for general sensor compatability and/or good sources of information about this topic.

Thanks for your assistance,



Post by Sarah » Tue Feb 14, 2006 1:17 pm

Hi Jez

Thank you for your email.

The logger needed does depend on the sensor you use. The ADC-11 is a good logger for general purpose data logging as you can scale down voltage inputs and use shunt resistors to measure current. I would advise looking at the RS and website Farnell websites for ideas on sensors and their specifications. It usually varies depending on the type of sensor.

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